Chinese Idioms: Complain About Crowds in Chinese!

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Chinese Vocabulary

Getting ready for the Chinese New Year break yet?

No matter if you’re going to travel or have a staycation, all Chinese cities are going to be packed. And today we have a chéngyǔ (Chinese idiom) for you to describe the crowds!

Have you heard of the chéngyǔ “a sea of people”?

人山人海 rénshān rénhǎi

As you might already know, people in China love to travel during public holidays. Crowds are inevitable. As a result, tourist spots end up looking like oceans of people — or, in Chinese, “mountains” and “seas” of people:

  • 人山人海
  • rénshān rénhǎi
  • crowds of people


So you can use this phrase any time you see a huge crowd of people:

Exhibition | Chinese Idiom: Complain About Crowds in Chineses:
  • 这个艺术家很有名,他的展览会招来了好多人。真是人山人海呀!
  • Zhè gè yìshùjiā hěn yǒumíng, tā de zhǎnlǎnhuì zhāolái le hǎo duō rén, zhēn shì rénshān rénhǎi ya!
  • This artist is very famous, so many people came to his exhibition, just a sea of people!
Sightseeing | Chinese Idiom: Complain About Crowds in Chineses:
  • 中国春节的时候去旅游的人太多了,每个景区是人山人海
  • Zhōngguó Chūnjié de shíhou qù lǚyóu de rén tài duō le, měi gè jǐngqū shì rénshān rénhǎi.
  • There are too many people traveling during Spring Festival in China, every tourist site is a sea of people.

We hope that Chinese idioms will help you better understand Chinese culture and describe any life situations when you talk to your Chinese friends and colleagues. To learn more Chinese idioms and useful vocabulary, check out one of our blog posts Chinese Idioms: Don’t Get Angry Over Small Things

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