NihaoCafe Won 2021 GoAbroad Top Online Program Award!

by | Jan 24, 2022 | News

NihaoCafe is excited to have received the recognition of the 2021 Top Online Language Schools Award by GoAbroad Top Online Programs of 2021!

Top Online Language School 2021 NihaoCafe
A huge thank you to all the students and everyone who choose NihaoCafe by That’s Mandarin.

I have taken courses at That’s Mandarin over the past years off and on… I find the teaching methodology effective: story and theme-based. I had searched for many schools and this is the one I have found most suitable.

— Fatima Bahir, Online Chinese Learning Program: 1-on-1 Alumni, GoAbroad

Top Online Language School 2021 NihaoCafe
NihaoCafe Platform has been recognized for their innovative and systematic approach and has been designed specifically for the Chinese learners.

Despite the challenges and difficulties that came with COVID-19, That’s Mandarin has always been ahead of time, offering offline & online learning programs to international students. That is what makes NihaoCafe Online Chinese Learning Platform by That’s Mandarin stand out and deliver an excellent learning experience to the students around the world.

Thank you to all our students for choosing NihaoCafe. We will continue to deliver the best online learning experience to all Chinese learners.

— That’s Mandarin Team

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