Chinese Interjections breakdown?! WOW! 😍

OH NO! OH DEAR! WOW! 📣 Chinese interjections alert!

Chinese interjections can be a super powerful way to express your emotions. They’re extremely common and useful for such a tonal language.

Have a think about your current language bank – how many Chinese interjections do you know? They’re used in everything so worth learning… you might even notice some in Chinese tongue twisters!

😦 Surprise

Have you just discovered that your friend studies Chinese at That’s Mandarin too?
Received an unexpected present?
Found some cash in your winter coat
Use 啊 (ā) = Oh!

🔸 啊,你也在这里学汉语啊
🔸 Ā, nǐ yě zài zhèlǐ xué Hànyǔ a
🔸 Oh, you study Chinese here as well

😤 Anger/Suspicion

Did your boyfriend forget about your mom’s birthday?
Is your friend telling you some nonsense?

Use 哼 (hēng) = Hmm…

🔸 哼……我不相信你说的
🔸 Hēng… Wǒ bù xiāngxìn nǐ shuō de
🔸 Hmm…I don’t believe you

😃 Happiness

Have you just passed your HSK exam?
Bought a new book?
Had an amazing date?

Use 哈哈 (hāhā) = Haha!

🔸 哈哈,我通过了HSK考试
🔸 Hāhā, wǒ tōngguò le HSK kǎoshì
🔸 Haha, I just passed the HSK exam

😓 Regret

Failed your exam?
Lost in mahjong to your neighbor 3 times in a row?
Late for work?

Say 哎哟 (āiyō) = Oh no

🔸 哎哟,这一次我又没有通过考试
🔸 Āiyō, zhè yī cì wǒ yòu méiyǒu tōngguò kǎoshì
🔸 Oh no, I failed the test again

😭 Sadness

Want to get back to your Chinese classes, but the pandemic doesn’t let you?
Your favorite TV show finished?
Your cat doesn’t love you anymore?

Use 唉 (āi) = Oh dear; Oh my

🔸 唉,疫情什么时候能结束啊?我好想回学校上课呀
🔸 Āi, yìqíng shénme shíhou néng jiéshù a? Wǒ hǎo xiǎng huí xuéxiào shàngkè ya
🔸 Oh dear, when will the pandemic be over? I really want to return to my classes

Chinese interjections – friend or foe?

Did you learn a few or know them all already? If you already knew them, why not challenge yourself and take our Chinese language pop quiz? Or even try something harder like the past participles used in Chinese?

If you didn’t… why not take a free trial lesson on us! Make these interjections and so much more a familiar friend, as learning Chinese online can get you ready for the HSK test!

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